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Domestic Electrical Installation




Domestic Electrical Installation
of a stunning, conceptual
lighting scheme for
modern living


Domestic Electrical Installation

Building Contractor

Tim Smith Builders Ltd

Main Electrical Contractor

Ford Electrical Ltd

Contract Period

 12 month project


Worcester City Centre, Worcestershire

Expertise & Team Work

The combined expertise of Ford Electrical Ltd and sister company Heming Services Ltd ensured any technical issues were quickly overcome and managed effectively.


Dedicated Project Management
Jack England, Electrical Operations Manager was available throughout the project ensuring quick decisions could be made onsite keeping the project to schedule. This flat-line management is an essential feature of all our major electrical installations.


Quality Long Term Results
Ford Electrical think about the clients long term aims, not just the end result of a project. In this instance it was taking into consideration the best energy savings for the long term as well as the aesthetics of the lighting chosen.


Collaboration & Communication
Ford Electrical pride themselves in both working with the customer effectively and all parties involved with a project. Key to the success of this project was being subcontracted by their sister company, and therefore already having a successful, “well-oiled” business relationship.

The Project

Ford Electrical Ltd are extremely proud with the end result for a 12 month hands-on, domestic electrical installation in the heart of the historic City of Worcester.

The project was to produce a “High Standard” electrical installation for a sophisticated, luxurious domestic dwelling focusing on cutting edge lighting technology.

The main emphasis was “design, design, design!” It was vital that Ford Electrical maintained close contact with the client and other design teams to reach the exceptional finish achieved.


The initial design, by Patrick Edghill, Light Plan set the vision and with small, intricate changes we feel that we have met the day to day needs of our client.

The home electrical installation amounted to numerous fixings and fittings all with different challenges. All rooms required a different fitting or style of lighting creating exactly the right ambiance. No cupboard, stairwell or feature was missed culminating in an overall stunning affect. As you can see all lighting has been chosen to accentuate the buildings unique features and set the right mood in every room, corner, nook and cranny! I hope you agree that the end result is simply stunning?

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