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Electrical Rewiring

The Project

Working alongside Chalcroft Construction’s management team we offered various proposals of lighting designs and lighting schemes to Rowse Honey’s site maintenance team.

The lighting had to be selected to suit various warehouse areas with limited natural daylight. The recommended lighting design had to offer both high lumen-ouput and good energy efficient lighting. This was achieved using state of the art LED lighting installation which the client was very pleased with.  


This electrical rewiring project, was completed efficiently, on time and on budget. The result was the transformation of several spartan warehouses with bare shelves to numerous modern, well-lit, functional office spaces.


Rowse Honey Ltd


Electrical Rewiring and
Office Refurbishment


Commercial Electrical Installation

Building Contractor

Chalcroft Construction Ltd

Main Electrical Contractor

Ford Electrical Ltd

Contract Period

4 Months


Wallingford, Oxfordshire

Works Undertaken

  • Various Lighting Designs

  • Electrical Installation

  • Electrical Rewiring

  • Successful installation of the said lights

  • General small power and lighting installations within the offices.



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