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Electrical Installation for Farncombe Estate


Sorven Properties

Their Client

Foxhill Manor, Farncombe Estate


Electrical Installations to a
32 bedroom property



Main Electrical Contractor

Ford Electrical Ltd

Contract Period

June - September 2014


Foxhill Manor, Farncombe Estate, Cotswolds


The Project

Carry out the electrical installation works to the new build, 32 bed extension at Foxhill for Sorven Properties.

Working in extremely high standards of specification with constant contact with the electrical designer and client to achieve a high standard finish on all electrical works on this project.

Provide low level pathway lighting to and from the above building along with adequate car-park lighting, to not only enable residents to enter the building from the car-park safely but also to give a superb ambiance to the site so clients can see the high standards of the accommodation in the picturesque surrounding area.

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